Support Film & Video Workshops for Palestinian Youth

    We are trying to fundraise to hold the 4th Summer Media Academy – video and film workshops for young Palestinians in West Bank and East Jerusalem.  These types of cultural projects are so important because they allow for young people in Palestine to express themselves in a form that is then available for many people to see all over the world. It brings the conflict and the way it affects young people into a different, perhaps more personal, perspective.

Here are highlights from students’ films from previous workshops:

You can support the workshops (financially) in one of two ways:

1. Until July 23, 2012 we are raising money through Kickstarter. We have a goal of of $3,000, if we don’t make it to $3,000, then we don’t get any of the money raised (and the workshops might not happen). You can donate to the Kickstarter project here:

2. After July 23rd (or if you have a bank card that won’t work on Kickstarter, which does payment through you can donate by bank transfer to this account (make sure in the title it’s clear that you’re making a donation to the video workshops):
52 1240 4562 1111 0000 5437 2409

If you would like to help otherwise you could link anywhere to our Kickstarter project (until July 23rd) or to this very blog post… and it would be greatly appreciated!!

Any help is you can give is amazing – these workshops are so important both to us and our students!


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